Problem with starting a desktop session #1

krax opened this Issue Nov 26, 2011 · 3 comments

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First of all CDM is Great!
But it can't start a desktop competently. For Example the ICEWM has some components like startup file which should be executed at login but CDM doesn't handle it and ICEWM will start with no startup program.
So look in to it!!!


You might want to put these startup program in your .xinitrc (before exec ${wm_bin})


I'm using the .desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions, and I have a .xprofile file that I want to load my startup items in (for all my graphical sessions). I've noticed that cdm isn't sourcing my .xinitrc or .xprofile when I load sessions from those .desktop files.

Is there a way to do this in cdm without me having to add custom commands to my menu?


@raphael-proust I think he was talking about adding the WM's command to the cdmrc, instead of starting it from the .xinitrc. It would be nice if CDM had an option for running the .xinitrc and/or .xprofile when starting any graphical session, without setting the .xintirc as one of the sessions for CDM directly.

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