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Default sessions from /usr/share/xsessions instead of /etc/X11/Sessions #17

lahwaacz opened this Issue November 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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Jakub Klinkovský John Åkerhielm
Jakub Klinkovský

I think it would be better to support loading of default sessions from /usr/share/xsessions instead the current /etc/X11/Sessions, which is not standardized (I think) and presumes that the user creates the scripts. Many window managers install their .desktop file under /usr/share/xsessions, so it's definitely better.

John Åkerhielm

I started work on this, but I'm uncertain as to what is likely to be in these .desktop-files and whether looking for the "Exec=" part will be enough.

Rolf Morel polyphemus referenced this issue from a commit March 24, 2013
Rolf Morel Add support for /usr/share/xsessions. Only fallback on .desktop files…
… when $binlist is not set by cdmrc or /etc/X11/Sessions/ files. Resolves issue #17.
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