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Hello, I started to use CDM several months ago and was not satisfied with the code in some some aspects, so I forked golodhrim/cdm (a fork of your version), significantly changed the architecture, and sanitised the code. The main idea of the modifications have been summarised in the ChangeLog [1].

At that time I did email you and try to inform you of my fork, but dot no response, so I finally send my code back to golodhrim. Now that you have come back, would you please consider merging my modifications?

The reason I do not send a pull request is that the code has been very different from the version of yours (mainly better architecture, in my idea :), and you have merged some modifications in the old code (which would be incompatible with my modifications). Another reason is that I did some gentoo-specific modifications, however I can use some universal code if you want.



After a cursory look at your changelog, I have no problems with your updates. However, since CDM was originally developed for Arch, I would appreciate it if as little distro specific code as possible finds its way into the codebase.


OK, I will work to convert that part of code.


Conversion completed, please see pull request #7 for more details.

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