Massive rearchitecturing and code sanitation #7

merged 32 commits into from Aug 23, 2012

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Please at least read src/cdmrc to get an idea of the new architecture, since theare are really a lot of modifications :)

tarsius and others added some commits Jan 30, 2011
@tarsius tarsius do not set dpi, let X get it right on it's own dc759d2
@tarsius tarsius allowshutdown=no as sudo has to be properly configured 791a5e5
@tarsius tarsius Offer all available sessions if wmbinlist is empty f412507
@tarsius tarsius put cdmrc in /etc/X11/cdm/ 6f15756
@tarsius tarsius move xinitrc to /etc/X11/cdm/ and document it's use d9b02d5
@CasperVector CasperVector Reformat comments: Expanded tabs to avoid problem with editors. 64b5c81
@CasperVector CasperVector Simplify the theme mechanism, just specify an absolute path to a
dialogrc file as $dialogrc, and let dialog(1) worry about the validity
of $dialogrc.

Rename variables:
    $theme -> $dialogrc: make the low level things more transparent.
    $cosolekittime -> $cktimeout: indicate "timeout" here.
@CasperVector CasperVector Use signal names (not numbers) in `trap'. 537b582
@CasperVector CasperVector Replace self-made info formatting code with `'.
checkyesno() is removed too since gentoo's `' already
provides it.
@CasperVector CasperVector Add support for user-defined cdmrc.
Remove $userconfig and related code.
@CasperVector CasperVector Code messing with X should only be run if an X program is to be run. a80d9cb
@CasperVector CasperVector Use a better way to safely launch a program in the background. d61d3ad
@CasperVector CasperVector Move code used to launch X to cdm-xlaunch(1), since it's relatively
independent code and thus would be sometimes useful for running as a
standalone program.
@CasperVector CasperVector Major restructuring.
classify menu items into console programs and X programs.
Console programs are directly `exec'ed.
X programs are run with cdm-xlaunch(1).
$allowconsole, $usexinit, shutdownmenu(), etc., are removed.
@CasperVector CasperVector Update documentation and installation scripts.
Bump version number to 0.6.
@CasperVector CasperVector Sync values and order of configs in src/cdm and src/cdmrc. 1e1b7c5
@CasperVector CasperVector Synchronise copyright notices... 3fa3e89
@CasperVector CasperVector Minor modifications in comment. c97fb28
@CasperVector CasperVector Use '$( ... )' instead of '` ... `' to avoid unexpected expansions. 0b95afd
@CasperVector CasperVector Make better of bash's arithmetic functionalities. 8acbe28
@CasperVector CasperVector Again replace '` ... `' with '$( ... )'. 510652d
@CasperVector CasperVector More logical order of options... 102a680
@CasperVector CasperVector Minor rewording. 320df8e
@CasperVector CasperVector Minor adjustment to order of options. 589b6a2
@CasperVector CasperVector % s/\$self/\$name/g 8c3367c
@CasperVector CasperVector s/sanisation/sanitation/ 4fbb39d
@CasperVector CasperVector Fix config file sourcing. adc4e72
@CasperVector CasperVector Fix a typo in the ChangeLog. fbc4266
@CasperVector CasperVector Update (forgot for a long time :|). 6d05770
@CasperVector CasperVector Convert Gentoo-specific code to more universal form. 6eb00db
@CasperVector CasperVector Again polish 46bed3d
@CasperVector CasperVector Merge branch 'master' of 723149c
@ghost1227 ghost1227 merged commit 3bba5d3 into ghost1227:master Aug 23, 2012
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