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remake of boostrap fluid example using sinatra, haml, and bootstrap
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Sinatra + Haml + Bootstrap

Main components of project




  • Bootstrap site
  • The examples from the site can be found here


All of the example projects and the bare bones project are set up with: - Bundler - Shotgun - Rack - Haml - Vlad the Deployer

To get up and running all that should be needed is to install the Ruby gem Bundler if up don't already have it installed then run:

$ bundle install

That should install everything that is need for the app to run. To start it run:

$ shotgun

Update the file to change Shotgun settings. Likewise /config/deploy.rb for the Vlad settings and Gemfile for your bundler install settings

Similar templates

The Sinatra, Haml, Bootstrap versions can be found here

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