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This small project is intended to serve two purposes:
1). Make setting up a web app or simple site using these libraries as easy as:
- clone repo
- update deploy.rb in config/ for use with Vlad the Deployer
- deploy in a few commands
2). Being new to web coding, I often find myself trying to integrate too many
features and new ideas into working projects just because I can link some
scripts and get going. Often though this totally bloats and confuses my once
specific and thoughtout project. Hopefully an easy to grab, ready to go, test
bed will make it more apealling to just:
- clone the repo
- test the simple widget, library, whatever
- migrate changes to my actual project
- delete it
I plan on making a single script which will automate most of the work in this
and even just take another project as a param for set up
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