CLI tool to display & purge the uploaded images that currently are not used in any post, page or meta data
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Display or clean unused uploaded images of your Ghost blog

🎁 Install

Run npm install -g ghost-purge-images

🚀 Execute

Login into your server via ssh:

  • Go to the folder where you have installed Ghost, usually in /var/www/ghost
  • Run any command, for example ghost-purge-images display key=YOUR_KEY

🔑 Key

This tool use the Ghost Content API, so you need to provide a Content API Key.

Get a key following this steps:

  • On your Ghost admin, click on Integrations at the left menu
  • Click on green button Add custom integration and set any name
  • Copy the Content API Key and use it

👉 This key can be the same you are using in your Ghostboard account

💡 Need help? Check this step-by-step guide to get a Content API Key

⚡️ Commands

ghost-purge-images display key=YOUR_KEY_HERE

Print the list of all uploaded images that currently are not being used in any post, page or metadata

ghost-purge-images display screenshot

ghost-purge-images purge key=YOUR_KEY_HERE

WARNING: Take a backup before run this

Delete all the unused files.

ghost-purge-images purge screenshot

📋 Changelog


  • Support Ghost Content API
  • Deprecated Ghost Public API
  • Add support for images used in Tags & Authors


  • Support Ghost Public API
  • Support for images in posts, pages, logo & cover

👋 Credits

David Burgos from

✒️ License

See LICENSE file