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(in-package :academy)
(defun make-bitmap (width height &optional contents)
(if contents
(make-array (list height width) :initial-contents contents)
(make-array (list height width) :initial-element nil)))
(defvar *bitmap*)
(defmacro with-bitmap ((width height) &body body)
`(let ((*bitmap* (make-bitmap ,width ,height)))
(defun outside-bounds (x y &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(destructuring-bind (height width) (array-dimensions bitmap)
(or (< x 0) (< y 0) (>= x width) (>= y height))))
(defun set-pixel (x y &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(unless (outside-bounds x y bitmap)
(setf (aref bitmap y x) t)))
(defun draw (&optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(destructuring-bind (height width) (array-dimensions bitmap)
(loop for y from 0 to (1- height) by 2
do (loop for x from 0 to (1- width)
do (princ
(let ((top (aref bitmap y x))
(bottom (when (< y (1- height)) (aref bitmap (1+ y) x))))
((and top bottom) #\FULL_BLOCK)
(bottom #\LOWER_HALF_BLOCK )
(t #\space)))))
(defun draw-from-list (bit-list width)
(let ((rows (group bit-list width)))
(draw (make-array (list (length rows) width) :initial-contents rows))))
(defun copy-onto-bitmap (bitmap pattern x y)
(loop for row in pattern
for yi from y
do (loop for character across row
for xi from x
do (setf (aref bitmap yi xi) (not (eq character #\space))))))
(defun center-on-bitmap (bitmap pattern)
(destructuring-bind (height width) (array-dimensions bitmap)
(copy-onto-bitmap bitmap pattern
(- (floor width 2) (floor (length (car pattern)) 2))
(- (floor height 2) (floor (length pattern) 2)))))
(defun pattern-to-bitmap (pattern)
(let ((bitmap (make-bitmap (length (car pattern)) (length pattern))))
(loop for row in pattern
for y from 0
do (loop for character in (coerce row 'list)
for x from 0
do (when (not (char= character #\space))
(setf (aref bitmap y x) t))))
(defun smile ()
"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you."
(draw (pattern-to-bitmap '(" **** "
" * * "
"* * * *"
"* *"
"* * * *"
"* ** *"
" * * "
" **** "))))
(defun draw-border (&optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(destructuring-bind (height width) (array-dimensions bitmap)
(loop for x from 0 to (1- width)
do (setf (aref bitmap 0 x) t
(aref bitmap (1- height) x) t))
(loop for y from 1 to (- height 2)
do (setf (aref bitmap y 0) t
(aref bitmap y (1- width)) t))))
;;; Described in
;;; Computer Graphics - Principles and Practice by Donald Hearn and M. Pauline Baker
(defun draw-circle (x-center y-center radius &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(labels ((pixel (x y) (set-pixel (+ x-center x) (+ y-center y) bitmap))
(draw-points (x y)
(pixel x y)
(pixel (- x) y)
(pixel x (- y))
(pixel (- x) (- y))
(pixel y x)
(pixel (- y) x)
(pixel y (- x))
(pixel (- y) (- x))))
(loop with x = 0
with y = radius
with p = (- 1 radius)
initially (draw-points x y)
while (< x y)
do (incf x)
(if (< p 0)
(incf p (+ (* 2 x) 1))
(decf y)
(incf p (+ (* 2 (- x y)) 1))))
(draw-points x y))))
(defun bullseye (&key (size 64) (step 4) filled)
"Draw a bullseye."
(with-bitmap (size size)
(let ((mid (floor size 2)))
(loop for radius from 2 to mid by step
do (draw-circle mid mid radius))
(when filled
(loop for x from 2 to mid by (* 2 step)
do (fill-bitmap (+ mid x 1) mid)))
(defun draw-line (xa ya xb yb &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(let* ((dx (- xb xa))
(dy (- yb ya))
(steps (if (> (abs dx) (abs dy)) (abs dx) (abs dy)))
(xi (/ dx steps))
(yi (/ dy steps)))
(set-pixel xa ya bitmap)
(loop with x = xa
with y = ya
for k from 0 to (1- steps)
do (incf x xi)
(incf y yi)
(set-pixel (floor x) (floor y) bitmap))))
(defun sunbeam (&key (step 8) (size 64))
"Draw a sunbeam."
(with-bitmap (size size)
(loop for x from 0 to size by step
do (draw-line 0 (1- size) x 0)
(draw-line 0 (1- size) (1- size) x))
(defun fill-bitmap (x y &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(unless (outside-bounds x y bitmap)
(unless (aref bitmap y x)
(setf (aref bitmap y x) t)
(fill-bitmap (+ x 1) y bitmap)
(fill-bitmap (- x 1) y bitmap)
(fill-bitmap x (+ y 1) bitmap)
(fill-bitmap x (- y 1) bitmap))))
(defun draw-filled-circle (x-center y-center radius &optional (bitmap *bitmap*))
(draw-circle x-center y-center radius bitmap)
(fill-bitmap x-center y-center bitmap))
(defun sun (&key (size 64))
"Draw a sun."
(with-bitmap (size size)
(let ((mid (floor size 2)))
(draw-filled-circle mid mid (1- mid))
;;; Attention Hackers! Exercises are good for the soul.
;;; Someone with the desire could expand PEACE to draw peace symbols of any size.
(defun peace ()
"Peace on Earth."
(with-bitmap (12 12)
(draw-circle 6 6 5)
(draw-line 6 10 6 1)
(draw-line 6 6 3 9)
(draw-line 6 6 9 9)