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(in-package :academy)
;;; Algorithm 781
(defun hilbert-points (width)
(unless (power-of-two-p width)
(error "The specified width ~A is not a power of two." width))
(let (points)
(labels ((recur (x y lg i1 i2)
(if (= lg 1)
(push (cons x y) points)
(let ((lg (floor lg 2)))
(recur (+ x (* i1 lg)) (+ y (* i1 lg)) lg i1 (- 1 i2))
(recur (+ x (* i2 lg)) (+ y (* (- 1 i2) lg)) lg i1 i2)
(recur (+ x (* (- 1 i1) lg)) (+ y (* (- 1 i1) lg)) lg i1 i2)
(recur (+ x (* (- 1 i2) lg)) (+ y (* i2 lg)) lg (- 1 i1) i2)))))
(recur 0 0 width 0 0))
(nreverse points)))
(defun hilbert-space-filling-curve (&optional (width 64))
"Draw one of Hilbert's continuous fractal space-filling curves."
(let ((points (hilbert-points width))
(grid (make-array (list width width))))
(let ((start (calculate-box-graphic (first points) (second points) (third points) t)))
(setf (aref grid 0 0) start
(aref grid (1- width) 0) start))
(loop for (from to next) on points
while next
do (setf (aref grid (car to) (cdr to))
(calculate-box-graphic from to next)))
(loop for y from 0 to (1- width)
do (loop for x from 0 to (1- width)
do (princ (aref grid x y)))
(defun calculate-box-graphic (from to next &optional start)
(flet ((direction (from to)
(flet ((x (loc) (car loc))
(y (loc) (cdr loc)))
((< (x from) (x to)) :left)
((> (x from) (x to)) :right)
((< (y from) (y to)) :up)
((> (y from) (y to)) :down)))))
(let ((in (direction from to))
(out (direction next to)))
(if start
(ecase in
(second (assoc-if (lambda (el)
(or (and (eq (first el) in)
(eq (second el) out))
(and (eq (first el) out)
(eq (second el) in))))
((:up :down) #\BOX_DRAWINGS_LIGHT_VERTICAL))))))))
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