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(in-package :academy)
(defmacro collect (number &rest body)
"Return a list of NUMBER of the results of independently executing BODY."
(let ((counter (gensym)))
`(loop for ,counter from 1 to ,number
collect (progn ,@body))))
(defun count-unique (list &optional (test #'equal))
"Return as list of (NAME COUNT) of unique names from LIST and the number of occurances
in the list of this unique name."
(let ((hash (make-hash-table :test test)))
(loop for element in list
do (if (gethash element hash)
(incf (gethash element hash))
(setf (gethash element hash) 1)))
(loop for name being each hash-key of hash
for count being each hash-value of hash
collect (list name count))))