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(in-package :academy)
;;; Attention Hackers! Exercises are good for the mind.
;;; There are many ways to check if a number is a power of two.
;;; Understand how these examples work and discover another and then send
;;; your answers upstream for fame and fortune cookies.
(defun power-of-two-p (number)
;; Choosing from one of our winning submissions.
(and (/= number 0) (zerop (logand number (1- number))))
(= 1 (logcount number)) ; Thanks to Brit Butler for the shortest one to date!
(defun plot-function (fn start end &optional (width 64) (height 32))
"Show a graph of FN of size WIDTHxHEIGHT with the X axis bounded by START and END."
(with-bitmap (width height)
(let ((step (/ (- end start) width))
(mid (floor height 2)))
(loop for x from start to end by step
for xi from 0
do (let ((y (- mid (floor (funcall fn x) step))))
(set-pixel xi (floor y))))
;;; !!! Attention fellow hackers!
;;; Additional interesting math functions demos are most welcome!
(defparameter *demo-math-functions*
`((,(lambda (x) x) -10 10)
(sin ,(- pi) ,pi)
(cos ,(- pi) ,pi)
(tan ,(- pi) ,pi)
(atan ,(- pi) ,pi)))
(defun visualize-math-functions ()
"Show plots of various well known math functions."
(loop for (fn start end) in *demo-math-functions*
do (plot-function fn start end)
(defun multiplication-table (&optional (size 16))
"Show a 16x16 multiplication table."
(loop for a from 1 to size
collect (loop for b from 1 to size
collect (* a b)))))