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(in-package :academy)
(defvar *turtle*)
(defstruct turtle x y heading bitmap pen)
(defmacro with-turtle ((&optional (bitmap '*bitmap*)) &body body)
`(destructuring-bind (height width) (array-dimensions ,bitmap)
(let ((*turtle* (make-turtle :x (floor width 2) :y (floor height 2) :heading 0
:bitmap ,bitmap :pen :down)))
(defun pen-up (&optional (turtle *turtle*))
(setf (turtle-pen turtle) :up))
(defun pen-is-up (&optional (turtle *turtle*))
(eq (turtle-pen turtle) :up))
(defun pen-down (&optional (turtle *turtle*))
(setf (turtle-pen turtle) :down))
(defun pen-is-down (&optional (turtle *turtle*))
(eq (turtle-pen turtle) :down))
(defun left (degrees &optional (turtle *turtle*))
(setf (turtle-heading turtle)
(mod (- (turtle-heading turtle) degrees) 360)))
(defun right (degrees &optional (turtle *turtle*))
(setf (turtle-heading turtle)
(mod (+ (turtle-heading turtle) degrees) 360)))
(defmacro repeat (times &body body)
`(dotimes (,(gensym) ,times)
(defun move-to (x y &optional (turtle *turtle*))
(when (pen-is-down turtle)
(draw-line (round (turtle-x turtle)) (round (turtle-y turtle)) (round x) (round y)
(turtle-bitmap turtle)))
(setf (turtle-x turtle) x
(turtle-y turtle) y))
(defun degrees-to-radians (degrees)
(/ (* degrees pi) 180))
(defun forward (steps &optional (turtle *turtle*))
(let ((x (turtle-x turtle))
(y (turtle-y turtle))
(heading (- (turtle-heading turtle) 90)))
(let* ((dx (* steps (cos (degrees-to-radians heading))))
(dy (* steps (sin (degrees-to-radians heading)))))
(move-to (+ x dx) (+ y dy) turtle))))
(defun backward (steps &optional (turtle *turtle*))
(forward (- steps) turtle))
(defmacro turtle-graphics ((&key (width 32) (height 32) x y) &body body)
`(with-bitmap (,width ,height)
(with-turtle ()
,@(when x `((setf (turtle-x *turtle*) ,x)))
,@(when y `((setf (turtle-y *turtle*) ,y)))
(defun turtle-race ()
"Sure and steady wins the race."
(macrolet ((races (&rest name-bodies)
,@(loop for (name arguments . body) in name-bodies
collect `(format t "~(~A~)~%" ',name)
collect `(turtle-graphics ,arguments ,@body)
collect `(terpri)))))
(:x 2 :y 30)
(loop for width from 2 to 24 by 4
do (repeat 4
(forward width)
(right 90))))
(:x 2 :y 16)
(right 45)
(loop for width from 2 to 20 by 4
do (repeat 4
(forward width)
(right 90))))
(:x 2 :y 30)
(repeat 3
(forward 24)
(right 120)))
(:x 2 :y 20)
(repeat 26
(forward 3)
(right (/ 360 26))))
(:x 13 :y 16)
(loop for size from 2 to 10 by 0.3
do (forward size)
(right 35)))
(:width 64 :height 64)
(loop for a from 3 to 50 by 2
do (forward a)
(right 91)))
(:width 64 :height 64 :x 20 :y 60)
(repeat 7
(forward 50)
(right (- 180 (/ 180 7))))))))