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(ns clojars.web.user
(:use [clojure.string :only [blank?]]
(:import [org.apache.commons.mail SimpleEmail]))
(defn register-form [ & [errors email user ssh-key]]
(html-doc nil "Register"
[:h1 "Register"]
(error-list errors)
(form-to [:post "/register"]
(label :email "Email:")
[:input {:type :email :name :email :id
:email :value email}]
(label :user "Username:")
(text-field :user user)
(label :password "Password:")
(password-field :password)
(label :confirm "Confirm password:")
(password-field :confirm)
(label :ssh-key "SSH public key:")
" (" (link-to
"what's this?") ")"
(text-area :ssh-key ssh-key)
(submit-button "Register"))))
(defn conj-when [coll test x]
(if test
(conj coll x)
(defn valid-ssh-key? [key]
(re-matches #"(ssh-\w+ \S+|\d+ \d+ \D+).*\s*" key))
(defn validate-profile
"Validates a profile, returning nil if it's okay, otherwise a list
of errors."
[account email user password confirm ssh-key]
(-> nil
(conj-when (blank? email) "Email can't be blank")
(conj-when (blank? user) "Username can't be blank")
(conj-when (blank? password) "Password can't be blank")
(conj-when (not= password confirm)
"Password and confirm password must match")
(conj-when (or (*reserved-names* user) ; "I told them we already
(and (not= account user) ; got one!"
(find-user user))
(seq (group-members user)))
"Username is already taken")
(conj-when (not (re-matches #"[a-z0-9_-]+" user))
(str "Usernames must consist only of lowercase "
"letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores."))
(conj-when (not (or (blank? ssh-key)
(valid-ssh-key? ssh-key)))
"Invalid SSH public key")))
(defn register [{email "email", user "user", password "password"
confirm "confirm", ssh-key "ssh-key"}]
(if-let [errors (validate-profile nil email user password confirm ssh-key)]
(register-form errors email user ssh-key)
(do (add-user email user password ssh-key)
(let [response (redirect "/")]
(assoc-in response [:session :account] (:user user))))))
(defn profile-form [account & [errors]]
(let [user (find-user account)]
(html-doc account "Profile"
[:h1 "Profile"]
(error-list errors)
(form-to [:post "/profile"]
(label :email "Email:")
[:input {:type :email :name :email :id
:email :value (user :email)}]
(label :password "Password:")
(password-field :password)
(label :confirm "Confirm password:")
(password-field :confirm)
(label :ssh-key "SSH public key:")
(text-area :ssh-key (user :ssh_key))
(submit-button "Update")))))
(defn update-profile [account {email "email", password "password"
confirm "confirm", ssh-key "ssh-key"}]
(if-let [errors (validate-profile account email
account password confirm ssh-key)]
(profile-form account errors)
(do (update-user account email account password ssh-key)
(redirect "/profile"))))
(defn show-user [account user]
(html-doc account (h (user :user))
[:h1 (h (user :user))]
[:h2 "Jars"]
(unordered-list (map jar-link (jars-by-user (user :user))))
[:h2 "Groups"]
(unordered-list (map group-link (find-groups (user :user))))))
(defn forgot-password-form []
(html-doc nil "Forgot password?"
[:h1 "Forgot password?"]
(form-to [:post "/forgot-password"]
(label :email-or-username "Email or username:")
(text-field :email-or-username "")
(submit-button "Send new password"))))
;; TODO: move this to another file?
(defn send-mail [to subject message]
(doto (SimpleEmail.)
(.setHostName ((clojars/config :mail) :hostname))
(.setAuthentication ((clojars/config :mail) :username) ((clojars/config :mail) :password))
(.setSslSmtpPort (str ((clojars/config :mail) :port)))
(.setSSL ((clojars/config :mail) :ssl))
(.setFrom "" "Clojars")
(.addTo to)
(.setSubject subject)
(.setMsg message)
(defn forgot-password [{email-or-username "email-or-username"}]
(when-let [user (find-user-by-user-or-email email-or-username)]
(let [new-password (rand-string 15)]
(update-user (user :user) (user :email) (user :user) new-password (user :ssh_key))
(send-mail (user :email)
"Password reset for Clojars"
(str "Hello,\n\nYour new password for Clojars is: " new-password "\n\nKeep it safe this time."))))
(html-doc nil "Forgot password?"
[:h1 "Forgot password?"]
[:p "If your account was found, you should get an email with a new password soon."]))
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