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prevent a slash at end of path in prefs

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arthuredelstein committed Nov 21, 2011
1 parent 1ec3d7c commit 91efcaa12404413860bdc3bd31d8c7ae3e6aebe3
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  1. +5 −5 src/clooj/core.clj
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
scroll-to-caret when-lets
constrain-to-parent make-split-pane
- gen-map on-click sha1-str
+ gen-map on-click
remove-text-change-listeners get-text-str)]
[clooj.indent :only (setup-autoindent fix-indent-selected-lines)]
[ :only (get-monospaced-fonts show-font-window)])
@@ -162,19 +162,19 @@
pos (get @caret-position text-area)
file @(:file app)]
(when-not (.isDirectory file)
- (let [key-str (sha1-str (str "caret_" (.getAbsolutePath file)))]
+ (let [key-str (str "caret_" (.hashCode (.getAbsolutePath file)))]
(write-value-to-prefs clooj-prefs key-str pos)))))
(defn load-caret-position [app]
(when-lets [text-area (app :doc-text-area)
file @(:file app)]
- ; (when-not (.isDirectory file)
- (when-lets [key-str (sha1-str (str "caret_" (.getAbsolutePath file)))
+ (when-not (.isDirectory file)
+ (when-lets [key-str (str "caret_" (.hashCode (.getAbsolutePath file)))
pos (read-value-from-prefs clooj-prefs key-str)]
(let [length (.. text-area getDocument getLength)
pos2 (Math/min pos length)]
(.setCaretPosition text-area pos2)
- (scroll-to-caret text-area)))));)
+ (scroll-to-caret text-area))))))
(defn update-caret-position [text-comp]
(swap! caret-position assoc text-comp (.getCaretPosition text-comp)))

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