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Ver si puedo robar la barra superior del proyecto music-cloud en php
Static files are not served automatically. You have to explicitly
define a route to publish them. Here is an example:
def static_file(filename):
bottle.send_file(filename, root='/home/user/project/static/')
From now on, all requests to URLs beginning with '/static/' will be
answered with files in '/home/user/project/static/'. Now you can link
to your css file at
this.onMouseDoubleClick = function(e) { <-- Este es el evento del doble click
this.$callKeyboardHandler = function (e, hashId, keyOrText, keyCode) { <-- Este es el evento del teclado
function exec(command, env, sender, args, typed) { <-- Aca estuve haciendo pruebas con eventos y demas
See for details.
for (var name in myObject) {
Solucion para el Save (AJAX)
Ver en "demo" ejemplos de keybindins.
Ver como pone (en javascript) el iconito del error o warning, para poner un icono igual en el caso del breakpoint
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