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@@ -63,9 +63,9 @@ A. Python Debugger like pyflakes, pylint and pep8
For installing Python debugger using PIP :
- `sudo pip install git+git://`
- `sudo pip install pylint`
- `sudo pip install pep8`
+ sudo pip install git+git://
+ sudo pip install pylint
+ sudo pip install pep8
Read .vimrc for magic keys and guide.
@@ -96,34 +96,21 @@ Usage
For using this custom VIM, here are some clue :
1. Use Backspace as PageUp & Space as PageDown in normal mode
2. Use tab (insert mode) for autocomplete Python using PyDiction
3. Autocomplete every you type. Also you can use CTRL + Space for Snipmate Autocompletion
4. Move to another tab / buffer using CTRL+Arrow
5. Using NERDTree by :NERDTree or editing .vimrc to enable NERDTree automatically.
6. Using F7 for FuzzFinder in Full Path or <leader>t (,t) for open based on current Buffer
7. Press F8 for enabling NERDTRee and Tagbar (Love it!)
8. Use <leader> space for MRU
9. Use Shift+e for execute Python code
10. Use Shift+n for execute NodeJS code
11. Use Shift+j for checking javascript syntax in current file
12. Also check many goodies bag in .vimrc
-I'm using VIM and Netbeans for building many application on PHP, JS and Python
+I'm using VIM and Netbeans for building many application on PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, Ruby and Python
I have a lot of blog which contains many information. You can check here :

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