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Making your VIM like Netbeans for editing Python, PHP, HTML, JS and etc. It's support with Autocomplete, Check syntax error, Python debugger and many else.

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We want use VIM as great as Netbeans for editing PHP, Phyton, JS, HTML, XML and many else filetype.

Now this VIM-Netbeans supported with NodeJS, Stylus, Less and many CSS/Javascript engine, template, parser

This VIM bundled with many plugins, syntax and custom .vimrc configuration.

This VIM is inspired by many great developers that share their custom VIM configuration.

All TLDR; documentation located in .vimrc. You can read and follow link there to see related projects used.


Go to your Command / Terminal :

cd ~/

git clone git:// vim-netbeans

cd vim-neatbeans

vim .vimrc

When opening .vimrc, do ":BundleInstall" to install all package and exit by :wq.

rm -rf .vim/bundle/snipmate.vim/snippets

ln -s ~/vim-netbeans/.vim ~/.vim

ln -s ~/vim-netbeans/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

Change your TAB behaviour between PyDiction and Snipmate by follow this link :

But i prefer using CTRL+Space as Snipmate Completion by :

vim .vim/bundle/snipmate.vim/after/plugin/snipMate.vim

Edit start from line 15 :

"ino =TriggerSnippet() "snor i=TriggerSnippet() ino =TriggerSnippet() snor i=TriggerSnippet()


After do installing, you should go to VIM and do :BundleInstall. I use Vundle here which i use pathogen in the past development.

I use nodejs-snipmate and snipmate snippets from honza. So delete /snipmate.vim/snippets for enabling this two snippets update.

Also, i install Python Debugger like pyflakes, pylint and pep8.

For installing Python debugger using PIP :

sudo pip install pylint sudo pip install pyflakes sudo pip install pep8

Read .vimrc for magic keys and guide.

Also you need Ctags. If you using Ubuntu, then can do this command :

sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags


For using this custom VIM, here are some clue :

  1. Use Backspace as PageUp & Space as PageDown

  2. Use tab in insert mode for autocomplete for Python ( using PyDiction )

  3. Text Autocomplete every you type. Also you can use CTRL + Space for Omni Completion

  4. Move to another tab / buffer using CTRL+Arrow

  5. Using NERDTree by :NERDTree or editing .vimrc to enable NERDTree automatically.

  6. Using F7 for FuzzFinder in Full Path or t for open based on current Buffer

  7. Press F8 for enabling NERDTRee and Tagbar (Love it!)


I'm using VIM and Netbeans for building many application on PHP, JS and Python

I have a lot of blog which contains many information. You can check here :

  1. for Drupal 7, EC2 and Ubuntu Tutorial

  2. for Codeigniter, CakePHP and Optimization Tutorial

  3. for Wordpress Tutorial

  4. for my Programming Insight

  5. for Indonesian Python Programming Guide

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