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Zoneminder install for Raspberry Pi running Raspbian
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Powerful web-based surveillance system for USB or IP cameras and the Rasperry Pi (Raspbian).

Zoneminder Resources and Reference

How To

  • If you're using USB cams connected to the Raspberry Pi, use
  • Have unfettered internet access
  • Execute the script as root
  • On a remote computer, access at http://ipaddr/zm to configure cams
  • Intended for a fresh install of Raspbian (mysql-server not configured yet)

Post Install

Since install was noninteractive, you'll have some significant security risks. I didn't want to script this or preseed answers because I either can't answer for others or don't want passwords dangling in plain text.

  • Set MySQL server root password: sudo mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD
  • Configure nullmailer: sudo dpkg-reconfigure nullmailer (have google ready)
  • Set MySQL zoneminder db password: sudo mysqladmin -u admin password NEWPASSWORD. Next, you'll have to set the password in zoneminder config. Haven't tested this.

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