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Incremental backup tool for Subversion
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LICENSE Initial commit Feb 1, 2015 ***Version .16-beta changes*** Feb 1, 2015


This script allows you to make incremental backups of a SVN repository. Unlike 'hotcopy' backups, these can efficiently be backed up via rsync or duplicity and can be done while the repository is in use.


Automatic recovery:

Use to automatically process the backup log and .svnz files too re-create a new SVN repository.

Manual Recovery:

  • use 'svnadmin create' to create a new repository.
  • use 'svnadmin load' to restore all of the backup files, in order.
svnadmin create /tmp/test
gzcat 0-100.svnz | svnadmin load /tmp/test
gzcat 101-110.svnz | svnadmin load /tmp/test


This script allows you to restore SVN repository backups made with It does not perform incremental restores, only complete ones.


The expectation here is that BACKUPDIR contains a backup created by and that REPODIR is either does not exist or is empty. BACKUPDIR REPODIR

Version History

Version .16-beta changes

  • Fixed a critical issue where the conf/ and hooks/ directories were not being restored to the correct path.

Version .15-beta changes

  • Fixed an issue where moving the backup directory would cause to see the backup as invalid.

Version .14-beta changes

  • Fixed bad logic in the utility file path code.
  • Added a set of common path locations to the search path.

Version .13-beta changes

  • Improved lock file detection to prevent concurrent execution, and added a message stating the age of the lockfile if one is found.

Version .12-beta changes

  • Fixed an incorrect file test operator in

Version .11-beta changes

  • Added backup and restore of the conf/ and hooks/ directories.
  • Preserve and restore the user/group ownership of the SVN repository.

Version .10-beta changes

  • Added locating utilities from within PATH so that this script should run without modification on most systems.

Version .9-beta changes

  • Added using /tmp/svnbackup-BACKUPDIR.lock as a lock-file to prevent concurrent execution of or which could corrupt backups and prevent complete restores.
  • Added error handling in case the external call to svnadmin fails.
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