Reactor does not stop #3

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I've tried in my own code and the ircClient test, the reactor does no stop when the window is closed. I am using Qt 4.7.

alecu commented Nov 10, 2011

We're having the same issue, running Qt 4.7 + qtreactor both under Linux and Windows.
Sometimes the reactor stops, sometimes it just doesn't.

valdur commented May 14, 2012

I have a funny version of this issue. If my application actually makes a connection (reactor.connectTCP), it shuts down afterwards nicely. If it doesn't (just starting reactor and making no use of it) - it hangs.

Right now I have a workaround that makes an dummy connection at startup.


ghtdak commented Sep 24, 2014

Works now

Glad I could get to this so quickly :-)

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ghtdak commented Sep 25, 2014

Ah. I spoke too quickly although it is fixed now. The problem was that there was no event fired in the QtReactor by stop. Now I grab the call and kick the timeout off.
So, now its fixed :-)

@ghtdak ghtdak reopened this Sep 25, 2014

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estan commented Mar 22, 2015

I'm wondering whether this issue may have popped up again? Here's a minimal test case:

from sys import argv, exit

from PyQt4.QtGui import QDialog, QApplication

import qt4reactor

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = QApplication(argv)


    from twisted.internet import reactor

    dialog = QDialog()


For me the reactor keeps running even if I close the dialog.

estan commented Mar 22, 2015

I have the same problem when running e.g. ghtTests/ btw.

estan commented Apr 4, 2015

Anyone else seeing this issue again? @ghtdak ?

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