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* add bar width with custom data and standard value

* update the attribute table of the test layer

* restore label and marker size when the scatter plot is chosen

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Test plugin

The DataPlotly plugin allows creation of D3-like interactive plots directly within QGIS, thanks to the Plotly library and its Python API.

DataPlotly makes plot creation and customization easy for every needs.

Besides all the plot and customization available, the plot is linked with the QGIS map canvas:

Plot interactions

Plot interactions


DataPlotly works only with QGIS 3. No additional libraries are necessary.


Single Plot

Some examples of single plot type with some options. The list is far away to show all the possibilities.

Scatter Plot

Plot interactions

Box Plot with statistics

Plot interactions

Violin Plot

Plot interactions

Stacked Bar Plot

Plot interactions

Probability Histogram

Plot interactions

Pie Chart

Plot interactions

2D Histogram

Plot interactions

Polar Plot

Plot interactions

Ternary Plot

Plot interactions

Contour Plot

Plot interactions

Multi Plots

DataPloty allows creation of different plot type in the same plot canvas but also allows the chance to separate each plot in a different canvas.

Some plot are not compatible with overlapping or subplotting. A message will warn you when this happens.

Overlapped Plots

Plot interactions

Subplots in row

Plot interactions

Subplots in column

Plot interactions