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Hall of Fame


  • [17 Nov 2015] Microsoft donated $98,000 in Azure credits
  • [30 Oct 2016] Google donated $1000 in Google Cloud credits

The project would also like to thank the anonymous donors for their generocity. GHTorrent will become a better project thanks to you!

Papers using GHTorrent

This list is a subset of researchers who have used GHTorrent for research or teaching. If you are a user of the dataset, please consider adding your details. You can do it using the following simple steps:

  • Add information about your organization and yourself to this file on Github. You should describe how you used GHTorrent in a few lines. It is OK to include links. Please ensure that institution names are listed in alphabetic order.

  • If you are interested to link your publications referencing GHTorrent, you should include a Bibtex record in this file on Github. You can then reference them in this file.

Inria/Mines Nantes/LINA/AtlanMod

  • Jordi Cabot: Research on usage of issue labels in GitHub.
    1. {% reference cabotSaner2015 %}
    2. {% reference canovasSaner2015 %}


  • Yue Yu: Research on reviewer recommendation, and latency of pull requests. Used GHTorrent to extract our dataset.
    1. {% reference YuRR14 %}
    2. {% reference yue2015wait %}

Radboud University Nijmegen/DS


  • Georgios Gousios: Initial design and implementation. Project hosting. Lean GHTorrent. Research on pull requests. Project openess reports.
    1. {% reference GS12 %}
    2. {% reference G13 %}
    3. {% reference GPD14 %}
    4. {% reference GZ14 %}
    5. {% reference GVSZ14 %}

TU Eindhoven/SET

  • Bogdan Vasilescu: Integration of GitHub and Stack Overflow data. Research on productivity of GitHub developers. Sentiment analysis of GitHub discussions. Lean GHTorrent. Continuous integration in GitHub.
  • Alexander Serebrenik: Research on productivity of GitHub developers. Sentiment analysis of GitHub discussions. Research on continuous integration in GitHub.
    1. {% reference VSF12 %}
    2. {% reference GVSZ14 %}
    3. {% reference PVS14 %}
    4. {% reference vasilescu2014ci %}

University of California, Davis/DECAL

  • Bogdan Vasilescu: Research on effects of diversity in GitHub teams.
    1. {% reference vasilescu2015gender %}
    2. {% reference vasilescu2015chase %}

University of Victoria/SEGAL

  • Kelly Blincoe: Research on Implicit Coordination and its impact on productivity.
  • Eirini Kalliamvakou: Research on collaborative development using decentralized workflows and GitHub. Used GHTorrent to extract information about pull requests for potential mining perils.
    1. {% reference KGBSGD14 %}

University of Trier/SE

  • Sebastian Baltes: Research on the usage of Stack Overflow code snippets in GitHub projects, its licensing implications, and developers' awareness.
    1. {% reference BaltesDiehl2018 %}

API keys contributors

The following people's contributions of GitHub OAuth API keys has allowed the data collection process to catch on with GitHub's 10x growth since the GHTorrent project started. If you would like to contribute and API key, please follow the process specified here.

Bram Adams, Maryi Arciniegas Méndez, Syed Arefinul Haque, Efthimia Aivaloglou, Alberto Bacchelli, Moritz Beller, Matthieu Bizien, Erik Bowers, Frederic Gingras, Roberta de Souza Coelho, Victor Costan, Ayushi Dalmia, Jos Demmers, Arie van Deursen, Niel Ernst, Joe Fleming, Georgios Gousios, Samarendra M Hedaoo, Mark Hills, Arun Kalyanasundaram, Syafiq Kamarul Azman, Lindsey Lanier, Pablo Loyola, Yao Lu, Mahdi Moqri, Graeme Nathan, Matteo Orrù, Gustavo Pinto, Dominic Safaric, Jasmine Sandhu, Alexander Serebrenik, Diomidis Spinellis, Simon Symeonidis, Chris Thompson, Peter Tröger, Bogdan Vasilescu, Marko Vit, Meike Wiemann, Yue Yu, Alexey Zagalsky, Andy Zaidman, Nosheen Zaza