• Apr 20, 2010


    Git.framework v0.9.1
    Mac OS X Objective-C Framework for git repositories
    New features
    * Enumeration of commits in breadth and depth first orders
    * GITObjectHash support for comparators
    * Object parsing of SHA1 hashes should be faster (not benchmarked)
  • Jan 18, 2010


    Git.framework v0.9.0
    Mac OS X Objective-C Framework for git repositories, supports the following
    * All core types: commit, blob, tree and tag
    * Loading objects from loose files
    * PACK Files, version 2 only
    * PACK Index Files, version 1 and 2
    * Local and remote branches
    * Resolving items from .git/refs
  • Jan 10, 2010


    Add dealloc to GITObject and generic description method