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ghuntley's personal monorepo Views LinkedIn

This repository is the monorepo for my personal software.

Everything in here is built using Nix with an automatic attribute-set layout that mirrors the filesystem layout of the repository (this might feel familiar to users of Bazel).

If you've ended up here and have no idea who I am, feel free to follow me on Twitter.



  • .imgbotconfig configures imgbot to crawl through all image files and losslessly compress them via pull-requests.
  • .github/dependabot.yml configures dependabot to automatically update git-submodules in third_party via pull-requests.
  • .github/auto-approve.yml automatically approves pull-requests raised by imgbot or dependabot.
  • .github/auto-merge.yml automatically merges approved pull-requests that pass all status checks.
  • .github/cla.yml creates a comment on Pull Request asking contributors who have not signed the CLA to sign and also fails the pull request status check with a failure. The contributors are requested to sign the CLA within the pull request by copy and pasting "I have read the CLA Document and I hereby sign the CLA" as a Pull Request comment. If the contributor has already signed the CLA, then the PR status will pass with success. Signatures are stored in cla/signatures.json.
  • .github/chatops-rebase.yml when /rebase is left as a comment by a maintainer the pull-request is automatically rebased.


  • tools/github-org-members retrieve a list of members in a GitHub organisation.
  • tools/orbit-cli a command line interface to
  • third_party/copyright-headers idempotently add copyright headers to source files with the contents of .copyrightheader unless a stub .autocopyrightignore is found in the current or parent directory.
  • third_party/licensed verify the licenses of dependencies.
  • third_party/nixpkgs contains my fork of the Nix package manager packages which is automatically updated via the dependabot automation.


  • infra/desktops contains my nixos configs for my personal computers.
  • infra/homelab contains my configs for my homelab.
  • infra/homeassistant contains my home assistant configuration.


  • dotfiles/linux contains my dotfiles for linux computers.
  • dotfiles/windows contains my dotfiles for windows computers.
  • dotfiles/macos contains my dotfiles for mac computers.


  • apps/pasteboard your favourite macOS command line clipboard manipulation libraries pbcopy / pbpaste ported over to Windows and available for installation via Chocolatey.

Browser Extensions

  • browser-extensions/send-from-outlook-dot-com a Google Chrome plugin that makes your default email application and provides a button to compose a message to quickly share a link via email.
  • browser-extensions/serverless-to-cgi-bin tongue in cheek browser extension for FireFox and Google Chrome that replaces occurrences of 'serverless' with 'cgi-bin'.

BIOS / Firmware

  • bios/seaslic if your computer is installed with Windows 7/8 by default but you'd prefer to run Linux as your desktop but on ocassion run a single Windows virtual machine under KVM using the activiation credentials within your computers BIOS then SeaSLIC can help you achieve this. As of 6th of Apr 2014 thanks to the excellent work by Michael Tokarev this patch is now integrated by default into Debian which removes the need to roll and maintain your own your own copy of SeaBIOS.


  • games/quake3 is simply one of the best games ever made and i'm always up for q3dm17.

Packages / Libraries

  • libraries/python/template is a cookiecutter template for creating new python libraries.
  • libraries/python/telstra_data_usage retrieves mobile and fixed services data usage for Telstra services.
  • libraries/xamarin/weekeventlistener allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler.
  • libraries/xamarin/siminformation a cross-platform library that provides a way to access ICCID, MCC, IMSI, MSID, MNC, MSISDN the information from a SIM card.

Security Vulnerabilities

  • security-vulnerabilities/system.bwn the evil cousin of the super fast and super secure by default framework by Ben Adams that uploads stuff to the internet every time you open visual studio.


  • services/cachix-push-daemon.[service|nix] automatically publish build artifacts to so future builds of the monorepository go 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Available as an expression NixOS but is automatically installed, configured and started as a user systemd service when the developer environment initialises via de-init


Presentations I've given in the past are in the presentations folder, these cover a variety of topics and some of them have links to recordings.

Workshops I've taught in the past are in the workshops folder, these cover a variety of topics.


If you'd like to contribute to any of the tools in here, please check out the contribution guidelines