SimInformation is a cross-platform Xamarin/UWP library that provides a way to access information on your SIM card.
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SimInformation is a cross-platform library that provides a way to access the following information from your SIM card:

  • Integrated Circuit Card ID. (ICCID)
  • Mobile Country Code (MCC)
  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity. (IMSI)
  • Mobile Station ID (MSID)
  • Mobile Network Code. (MNC)
  • Mobile Subscriber International ISDN Number. (MSISDN)

Supported Platforms

Universal Windows Platform

The API's to retrieve SIM information are restricted by Microsoft:

Special and restricted capabilities are intended for very specific scenarios. The use of these capabilities is highly restricted and subject to additional Store onboarding policy and review.

The following restrictions apply:

Apps that apply the special-use capabilities require a company account to submit them to the Store. Restricted capabilities are available only to apps that are developed by Microsoft and its partners. All restricted capabilities must include the rescap namespace when you declare them in your app's package manifest differently than other capabilities.

With that all said and done, manually edit your application Package.appxmanifest as follows:

  • Add the XML namespace as follows:
<Package xmlns="" 
    IgnorableNamespaces="uap mp rescap">
  • Add the following capability which will allow the library access to this information.
    <rescap:Capability Name="cellularDeviceIdentity" />

Xamarin iOS (Unfinished)

This plugin uses private API's, additionally it requires that your application be signed with the entitlement.


The API is rather straight forward

var simInformation = new SimInformation();
IReadOnlyList<SimCard> simCards = simInformation.GetAllCards();


Instead of newing up the implementation each time you need it, register it into your IoC/DI container:

# example registration using splat
Locator.CurrentMutable.RegisterConstant(() => new SimInformation(), typeof(ISimInformation));

Then use it in your viewmodel or services as needed:

# example integration with reactiveui
public class MyCoolViewModel : ReactiveObject
    private readonly ISimInformation _simInformation;
    public MyCoolViewModel(ISimInformation simInformation = null)
        _simInformation = simInformation ?? Locator.Current.GetService<ISimInformation>();

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