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kynan commented Feb 19, 2012

I'm trying to make vim work with the solarized colorscheme and terminator. Using the solarized-dark profile and a minimal .vimrc looks like this:


This isn't quite the expected result for the solarized colorscheme in vim.

Looking at the color palette it seems that it doesn't represent the solarized palette and also doesn't provide 16 distinct colors, some color values are repeated.

Am I getting something wrong? Is this intentional?

kynan commented Feb 19, 2012

I'm now using the following palette, which seems to work as expected:

    palette = "#073642:#dc322f:#859900:#b58900:#268bd2:#d33682:#2aa198:#eee8d5:#002b36:#cb4b16:#586e75:#657b83:#839496:#6c71c4:#93a1a1:#fdf6e3"
    cursor_color = "#eee8d5"
    foreground_color = "#eee8d5"
    background_color = "#002b36"
campnic commented May 25, 2012

I found the palette posted by kynan to be much more representative of what solarized intended then what is included in the default.


I found the kynan palette works as expected. Though I don't understand why the "right" palette (second image) changes the prompt colour.

Somebody knows why it could be happening?


PaBLoX-CL - for me it varies dependent on shell. In fish I get colors at the ~> prompt and on bash at the $ I don't. What shell are you using?

The issue in the OP is (I think) solved here: - In kynan's first post you can see that there is the use of "colorscheme solarized" in their .vimrc, but this is unnecessary when setting the scheme in terminator, it just breaks the color order.

As for kynan's second post - I agree, those color choices are more faithful to schoonover's solarized scheme. I am forking this to fix.


In my fork the light scheme is not yet updated to kynan's version. Will fix soon


Okay this is fixed in my opinion, opening pull request. Please see here:

@ghuntley ghuntley added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2012
@ghuntley colours tweaked to reflect schoonover palette
Thankyou @ashleyblackmore for the fix.

Fixes issue #2
@ghuntley ghuntley closed this Aug 22, 2012
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