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A jquery UI range selection slider that supports dates
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Guillaume Gautreau
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jQRangeSlider, jQDateRangeSlider & jQEditRangeSlider Build Status

A javascript slider selector that supports dates and touch devices


Copyright : Guillaume Gautreau 2010 License : Dual license GPL v3 and MIT


  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI core
  • jQuery UI widget
  • jQuery UI mouse
  • jQuery Mousewheel plugin by Brandon Aaron (optional, needed for scrolling or zooming)

Generating minified jQRangeSlider files

You need nodejs and npm. Open a command line interface and run:

 npm install
 npm install -g grunt-cli

Now you can minify jQRangeSlider and build a zip package by running


You can launch jshint and unit tests too:

 grunt ci
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