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Simulator for the MIDI Fighter Pro controller from DJ TechTools
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MIDI Fighter Pro Simulator
Tomash Ghz

This is a very basic MIDI controller simulator for the MIDI Fighter Pro from DJ TechTools.
It supports the basic CC midi messages as in Ableton Mode and the secondary CC messages and combos in Traktor mode.

There are 3 executables provided for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX as well as the source code if you
want yo modify something

Run the application, and from the MIDIOUT drop down box select a virtual MIDI port, like the MIDI Yoke 
or LoopBe and click CONNECT. Now you can use your computer keyboard as the arcade controller.
The button layout is shown on the display. Also you can change banks with the 1,2,3 and 4 keys on
your keyboard. The currently selected bank is highlighted on the display.

The knobs and faders are operated using the mouse. Click on a knob and drag the mouse left or right
to turn the knob in that direction. Similarly with the faders, click on the fader and drag up or
down to change the values.


   A          B           C           D           E
 +--------+ +--------+  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
 |        | |        |  |        |  |        |  |        |
 |        | |        |  |  y u   |  |        |  |t       |
 |        | |g h j k |  |  h j   |  |g h j k |  |g h j k |
 |v b n m | |        |  |        |  |        |  |v       |
 +--------+ +--------+  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
  v-b-n-m    g-h-j-k     hold all   a-b-c-c-d   ttvvghghkj
      X X        X X                        X            X  
 For some reason we can have only 2 keys pressed at a time(!?) in the same row  
 so the combos will work when the keys are pressed and released in sequence appart from the 
 buttons that have X, which you have to hold down.

The software is provided as it is and I am not responsible for any mess ups you may do with it.

Have fun and peace!
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