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@sieversMartin sieversMartin released this Nov 26, 2020

[2.3.0] - 2020-11-26


  • New option cleveref (default) and nocleveref to support cleveref package


  • Add explicit options to doclicense, because the fallbacks are deprecated
  • Remove package latexrelease


  • Change load order of newtxmath, amsmath and amssymb to fix problem with definition of \Bbbk
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Feb 24, 2018
Release v2.2.0
* Updated documentation

@sieversMartin sieversMartin released this Jul 18, 2016

This version fixes a bug introduced with version 2.1.

The undefined macro \ifempty was changed to \ifdefvoid (cf.

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@sieversMartin sieversMartin released this Apr 6, 2016

The latest biblatex version 3.3 introduced an incompatible modification of the \DeclareNameFormat macro.

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@sieversMartin sieversMartin released this Feb 24, 2016

Changes since version 2.0:
– Set uniquelist option to false in order to change the cite output
– Changed maxcitenames=3 to maxcitenames=2
– Added \FloatBarrier from the placeins package at the end of the appendix
– Added tracking (5%) for smallcaps
– Moved special issue title below title in page header
– Modified insertion of license text

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The EMISA LaTeX package is provided for preparing manuscripts for submission to EMISA, and for preparing accepted submissions for publication as well as for typesetting the final document by the editorial office. Articles in EMISA are published online at (in the Portable Document Format or PDF format).

The canonical release of the EMISA LaTeX package is available from CTAN at:

Please refer to the package documentation for author instructions and style guidelines.

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