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geoXtension for OpenRefine

This is an Extension for OpenRefine. This extension allows to:

  • Show you wkt objects on a map
  • Convert from one projection to another
  • Create WKT point from two columns (one stands for the latitude and one stands for the longitude).
  • Facet based on spatial reference:
    • by distance: given a selected point on the map and a column containing wkt object it shows the distance from each wkt point in the project from that point
    • by area: given selected areas on the map and a column containing wkt objects it shows the rows of the project that belong to that area and the rows that doesn't
    • by type: given a wkt columns it shows you the rows clusterized for the type

NOTE: this extension needs an internet connection.

##INSTALLATION 0. Download and Install GEOS(3.4.2) 0. Download and Install Proj(4.8.0) 0. Download and Install GDAL(1.11.0) with GEOS support 0. Follow the steps at

##USAGE 0. Open or create a project 0. Click the small triangle before the column name and choose geo extension 0. Choose the interest operation

##LICENSE This extension is provided free of charge under the MIT license.


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