An easy-to-use C# client library to Buxfer API
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BuxferSharp is an easy-to-use C# client library to Buxfer API.


  • Full API support
  • Test on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.


// Creating client.
var client = new BuxferClient("<your user>", "<your password>");

// Getting all accounts.
var accounts = client.GetAccounts();

// Getting all budgets.
var budgets = client.GetBudgets();

// Getting all contacts.
var contacts = client.GetContacts();

// Getting all groups.
var groups = client.GetGroups();

// Getting all loans.
var loans = client.GetLoans();

// Getting all reminders.
var reminders = client.GetReminders();

// Getting all reports.
var reports = client.GetReports();

// Getting reports by filter.
reports = client.GetReports(new ReportFilter() 
	AccountName = "My Bank",
	Tag = "Car"

// Upload a statement.
var statement = new Statement();
statement.AccountId = "<account id>";
statement.Text = "<Quicken, MS Money, OFX, QIF, QFX, Excel, CSV file content>";
bool uploaded = client.UploadStatement(statement);

// Getting all tags.
var tags = client.GetTags();

// Getting last 25 transactions.
var lastTransactions = client.GetTransactions();

// Getting last transactions from page 2.
var page2Transactions = client.GetTransactions(new TransactionFilter() 
	Page = 2

// Add a transaction.
var transaction = new Transaction()
	Description = "Test transaction",
	Amount = 1,
   	AccountName = "<account name>"

var added = client(transaction);


  • Build on App Veyor.
  • Create and publish NuGet package.


Having troubles?

How to improve it?

Create a fork of BuxferSharp.

Did you change it? Submit a pull request.


Licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). In others words, you can use this library for developement any kind of software: open source, commercial, proprietary and alien.

Change Log

0.5.0 First version.