An easy-to-use collection of MS Build tasks to help improve your build process.
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An easy-to-use collection of MS Build tasks to help improve your build process.


  • StartWebProjectTask: when you need to start some one of your web projects during the build process (useful to generate some client library for your web apis).

  • Resources2JSTask: serialize resource files with localized labels to JS files.


Follow the steps below to put EasyBuild on your solution. On Step 3 you can choose just the tasks you want to use.

Step 1

Build the EasyBuild, put his assembly and dependencies assemblies in a folder on your solution, let me say "references\EasyBuild"

Step 2

If you don't jhave a folder to your msbuild files, just create one "msbuilds" folder on your solution root folder.

Step 3


Create a file called StartMyWebProject.targets on your msbuilds folder:

<Project ToolsVersion="4.0" DefaultTargets="BeforeBuild" xmlns="">
    <UsingTask TaskName="StartWebProjectTask" 
    	<Target Name="BeforeBuild">
    		<Message text="Starting MyWebProject..." />
    		<StartWebProjectTask projectFolderName="MyWebProject" port="8181" />
    		<Message text="MyWebProject started." />


Create a file called .Resources2JSTask.targets on your msbuilds file folder (if you don't have one, create one "msbuilds" on your solution root dir):

<Project ToolsVersion="4.0" DefaultTargets="BeforeBuild" xmlns="">
    <UsingTask TaskName="Resources2JSTask" 
    	<Target Name="AfterBuild">
    		<Message text="Starting Resources2JSTask..." />
    			assemblyFileName="..\<YOUR PROJECT WITH RESOURCE FILE>\bin\$(configuration)\<YOUR PROJECT WITH RESOURCE FILE>.dll" 
    			serializationFolder="..\<YOUR WEB PROJECT>Scripts\Framework\Globalization"
    			serializationFilename="<YOUR DESIRED FILE NAME>"
    			defaultCultureCode="en" />

    		<Message text="Resources2JSTask done." />

Step 4

Edit the target project file that you want use the task, and add the following line bellow the "Microsoft.CSharp.targets" one:

<Import Project="..\msbuilds\<your msbuild.targets file>" />

Step 5

Build your target project to see the task in action.


Having troubles?


  • Add others tasks.
  • Publish a NuGet package.

How to improve it?


Licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). In others words, you can use this library for developement any kind of software: open source, commercial, proprietary and alien.