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cd .\src\Templates
nuget pack -Version %PACKAGE_VERSION%
dotnet new -i GeneticSharp.Templates.%PACKAGE_VERSION%.nupkg
echo GeneticSharpTspBlazor
dotnet new GeneticSharpTspBlazor -n TspBlazor -o TspBlazor
echo GeneticSharpConsoleApp
dotnet new GeneticSharpConsoleApp -n ConsoleApp -o ConsoleApp
dotnet build ConsoleApp/ConsoleApp.csproj
echo GeneticSharpTspConsoleApp
dotnet new GeneticSharpTspConsoleApp -n TspConsoleApp -o TspConsoleApp
dotnet build TspConsoleApp/TspConsoleApp.csproj
echo GeneticSharpTspUnity3d
dotnet new GeneticSharpTspUnity3d -n TspUnity3d -o TspUnity3d
cd ..\..
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