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A set of helpers and extensions for C# programming.

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Install-Package HelperSharp
Install-Package HelperSharp.Mvc
Install-Package HelperSharp.WebApi



  • CurrencyHelper
    • IsValidIsoCurrencySymbol: determines if is valid ISO currency symbol.
  • EnumerableHelper
    • AreEqual<T>: verify if collections are equal comparing each item. Order is considered.
    • CalculateHashCode: calculates the hash code using all items.
  • ExceptionHelper
    • ThrowIfNull: throws an ArgumentNullException if argument is null.
    • ThrowIfNullOrEmpty: throws an ArgumentNullException if argument is null or an ArgumentException if string is empty.
  • ExpressionHelper
    • GetMemberExpression: gets a member expression from the expression.
  • GravatarHelper
    • GetAvatarUrl: gets the avatar URL for the specified e-mail.
  • MD5Helper
    • Encrypt: encrypt the specified string using MD5 algorithm.
    • IsEncrypted: check if the specified string is encrypted using MD5.
  • ObjectHelper
    • IsNullOrDefault<T>: check if argument is null or default value of T type.
    • CreateShallowCopy: creates a shallow copy of the specified source.
  • ReflectionHelper
    • GetProperty: gets the property with the specified name.
    • GetPropertyValue: gets the property's value.
    • InvokeMethod: invokes the method with the specified parameters.
    • GetSubclassesOf: gets the subclasses of the specified type.


  • ArrayExtensions
    • RemoveDuplicates<T>: removes the duplicates items from array.
  • CharExtensions
    • HasAccent: determines if char is an accent
  • ConvertibleExtensions
    • To<T>: converts the type to specified T.
  • DateTimeExtensions
    • GetBeginOfDay: gets the begin of day.
    • GetBeginOfMonth: gets the begin of month.
    • GetEndOfDay: gets the end of day.
    • GetEndOfMonth: gets the end of month.
  • EnumerableExtensions
    • Each: iterates in the collection calling the action for each item.
    • GetTypes: gets the types of the specified objects.
    • ToString: iterates in the collection calling the action for each item and concatenating the result.
  • NameValueCollectionExtensions
    • GetBoolean: gets a boolean value with the specified name.
    • GetInt32: gets a integer value with the specified name.
    • GetSingle: gets a single (float) value with the specified name.
  • StringExtensions
    • GetWordFromIndex: gets the word in the specified index.
    • CountWords: counts the words.
    • RemoveAccents: removes the accents
    • RemoveNonAlphanumeric: removes the non alphanumeric chars.
    • RemoveNonNumeric: removes the non numeric chars.
    • RemoveFromBorders: removes the speficied string from borders.
    • RemovePunctuations: removes the punctuations.
    • EscapeAccentsToHex: escapes the accents to hexadecimal equivalent.
    • EscapeAccentsToHtmlEntities: escapes the accents to html entities.
    • EndsWithPunctuation: verify if source ends the with punctuation.
    • HasAccent: determines if has accent.
    • InsertUnderscoreBeforeUpperCase: Inserts the underscore before every upper case char.
    • With: format the specified string. Is a String.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture,..) shortcut.
    • Capitalize: capitalize the string.
    • ContainsIgnoreCase: returns a value indicating whether the specified substring occurs within this string.



  • ControllerHelper
    • GetControllerTypes: gets all concrete controller types.
    • GetActionsDescriptors: gets all actions descriptors of the controller.


  • ByteExtensions
    • SendOverHttp: send the byte array content over HTTP current response.



  • HttpRequestMessageExtensions
    • IsLocal: check if is a local request.


Licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). In others words, you can use this library for developement any kind of software: open source, commercial, proprietary and alien.


A set of helpers and extensions for C# programming.




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