Yet another small nibble game
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Yet another small nibble game.
This was one of first games that I have made.


I programmed it using C on Turbo C, near 2000 (yes, a long, long time ago).

The entire HUD was made using the BGI (Borland Graphic Interface)

Code philosophy

There is no code philosophy, I was learning how to programming, so, the code is very basic and was written in portuguese.

The whole game logic is inside the NIBBLE.C file (461 loc).

How to run?

  1. This games is for DOS, so you will need to install DOSBox.
  2. Download the file, unzip it on a folder, like c:\nibble.
  3. Open DOSBox
  4. Type mount c c:\nibble
  5. Type c
  6. Type nibble.exe
  7. Enjoy!

How to play?

Do you don't know how to play a nibble game? Well, in this case you don't know how to run it too. Nevermind! ;)

How to improve it?


Licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). In others words, you can use this code in any kind of software: open source, commercial, proprietary and alien.

Change Log

  • 1.0 The first and, probably, last version.