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using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
/// <summary>
/// Utility class used by DefaultAnimationsEditorWindow to perform operations.
/// </summary>
public static class DefaultAnimationsUtility
/// <summary>
/// Create the default animations (Animation Clips and Animator Override Controller) based on Animations Mapping.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="spritesheets">The spritesheets to create the default animations.</param>
public static void Create(params Texture2D[] spritesheets)
var assetsCreated = new List<Object>();
for (int i = 0; i < spritesheets.Length; i++)
var spritesheet = spritesheets[i];
EditorUtility.DisplayProgressBar("Default Animations", $"Creating default animations for {}", i / (float)(spritesheets.Length));
var settings = DefaultAnimationsSettings.Instance;
var sprites = spritesheet.GetSprites();
var (canCreate, spritesNeed) = Validate(settings, sprites);
if (!canCreate)
Debug.LogWarning ($"Need {spritesNeed} sprites, but there are {sprites.Length} selected. Check the sprites selected or change animations settings on Window / Default Animations");
var clips = CreateAnimationClips(sprites, settings);
var animatorOverride = CreateAnimatorOverride(sprites, clips);
// Selects the created clips on project view.
Selection.objects = assetsCreated.ToArray();
private static AnimationClip[] CreateAnimationClips(Sprite[] sprites, DefaultAnimationsSettings settings)
var mappings = settings.AnimationsMapping;
var clips = new AnimationClip[mappings.Length];
for (int i = 0; i < mappings.Length; i++)
var map = mappings[i];
clips[i] = CreateAnimationClip(map, settings, sprites.Where((sprite, index) => map.SpriteIndexes.Contains(index)).ToArray());
return clips;
private static AnimationClip CreateAnimationClip(DefaultAnimationsSettings.AnimationMapping map, DefaultAnimationsSettings settings, params Sprite[] sprites)
var clip = AssetHelper.GetAsset<AnimationClip>($"{sprites.GetSpritesheetName()}-{map.Name}");
clip.frameRate = map.ClipToOverride.frameRate;
clip.wrapMode = map.ClipToOverride.wrapMode;
// In more complex animation clip, maybe will be needed to copy more settings.
var clipToOverrideSettings = AnimationUtility.GetAnimationClipSettings(map.ClipToOverride);
clip.EditSettings(s => s.loopTime = clipToOverrideSettings.loopTime);
// Create the keyframes based on source animation, but with the new sprites.
var keyFramesToOverride = map.ClipToOverride.GetKeyFrames();
var keyFrames = keyFramesToOverride.CreateWithSprites(sprites);
return clip;
private static AnimatorOverrideController CreateAnimatorOverride(Sprite[] sprites, AnimationClip[] overrideClips)
var settings = DefaultAnimationsSettings.Instance;
var animatorOverride = AssetHelper.GetAsset<AnimatorOverrideController>(sprites.GetSpritesheetName());
animatorOverride.runtimeAnimatorController = settings.AnimatorController;
settings.AnimationsMapping.Select(m => m.ClipToOverride).ToArray(),
return animatorOverride;
private static (bool canCreate, int spritesNeed) Validate(DefaultAnimationsSettings settings, Sprite[] sprites)
var spritesNeed = settings.AnimationsMapping.SelectMany(x => x.SpriteIndexes).Distinct().Count();
return (sprites.Length >= spritesNeed, spritesNeed);
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