These are projects that I've developed with Arduino
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These are projects that I've developed with Arduino

- Arduino-Pong-TVout


This short code is actually very simple and allows you to play the famous game Pong on your Arduino linked to the TV using a RCA cable.

What You Need

To compile this game and download it in your board you must have:

  • Arduino, obviously (refer to TVout library to know which version is supported).
  • A RCA female video connector.
  • Two buttons to connect to Arduino to move the pong stick.
  • The TVout library for Arduino.


Released under the GPL GNU v2.0 license.
Copyright © 2013, Giacomo Cerquone
All rights reserved.

- Jingle Bells with Arduino

######Blog Post
I wanted to replace our broken little Santa Claus shaped box that used to play Jingle Bells through a Buzzer with Arduino! This is the result: Arduino playing Jingle Bells

What I used

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Buzzer
  3. 220Ω resistor
  4. Case, wires and a little breadbord


Arduino Jingle Bells wiring

Ideas to let others improve it

  1. Using a potentiometer to adjust the volume (I had only a 50K potentiometer and it's too much for the buzzer)
  2. Using buttons to switch between a vierity of songs


WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License
Created by Giacomo cerquone.