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ImmediateCrypt usage instructions





Choosing and handling passwords

First issue: choosing a "good" password

Choosing a good password is critical for correctly and effectively using this program.

ImmediateCrypt does not assess the goodness of your password, and will accept any non-empty character sequence, including very short passwords (like a) or trivial ones (like password).

It is your responsibility to choose a good password. Here are some basic hints to do so:

  • Mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Avoid using common words (that can be found on a dictionary)
  • Don't use something that is easy to guess (the name of your daughter, the birthdate of your wife, etc...)

Second issue: agreeing on a password with your partner

Obviously, you should not send the password to your partner along with the encrypted message. You should send it using a separate, secure channel (i.e. not by e-mail, phone, etc...), but unfortunately the lack of a secure channel is the problem we are trying to solve by using an encryption tool!

This is the main issue of using this program, and any password-based encryption tool: how to exchange the password?

Actually, this problem has been elegantly and effectively solved with the invention of the Public Key Infrastructures: the name sounds a bit complicated, and in fact it is... You may have heard of tools like OpenPGP, that allow you to send encrypted messages to many partners without the need of agreeing on a password with each of them. If you are looking for something like that, please stop reading this web page and google for GnuPG right now, but you will spend a couple of hours (or more) to make it work and another couple of hours (or more...) to train your partner.

If you need something really simple, then ImmediateCrypt is your choice: but you'll have to find a secure way to share the password with your partner!