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QIF Parser

qifparse is a parser for Quicken interchange format files (.qif).

Even if the qif format is:

  • quite old now
  • not supported for import by Quicken any more,
  • ambiguous in some data management (notably on dates)

it's still quite commonly used by many personal finance managers.


Here's a sample parsing:

>>> from qifparse.parser import QifParser
>>> qif = QifParser.parse(file('file.qif'))
>>> qif.get_accounts()
(<qifparse.qif.Account object at 0x16148d0>, <qifparse.qif.Account object at 0x1614850>)
>>> qif.accounts[0].name
'My Cash'
>>> qif.get_categories()
(<qifparse.qif.Category object at 0x15b3d10>, <qifparse.qif.Category object at 0x15b3450>)
>>> qif.accounts[0].get_transactions()
(<Transaction units=-6.5>, <Transaction units=-6.0>)
>>> str(qif)
'!Type:Cat\nNfood\nE\n^\nNfood:lunch\nE\n^\n!Account\nNMy Cash\nTCash\n^\n!Type:Cash...

Here's a sample of a structure creation:

>>> qif_obj = qif.Qif()
>>> acc = qif.Account(name='My Cc', account_type='Bank')
>>> qif_obj.add_account(acc)
>>> cat = qif.Category(name='food')
>>> qif_obj.add_category(cat)
>>> tr1 = qif.Transaction(amount=0.55)
>>> acc.add_transaction(tr1, header='!Type:Bank')

>>> tr2 = qif.Transaction()
>>> tr2.amount = -6.55
>>> tr2.to_account = 'Cash'
>>> acc.add_transaction(tr2)
>>> acc.add(tr2)
>>> str(qif_obj)
'!Type:Cat\nNfood\nE\n^\n!Account\nNMy Cc\nTBank\n^\n!Type:Bank\nD02/11/2013\nT...

More infos

For more informations about qif format:

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