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Contributing to psutil project


  • The issue tracker is for reporting problems or proposing enhancements related to the program code.
  • Please do not open issues asking for support. Instead, use the forum at:
  • Before submitting a new issue, search if there are existing issues for the same topic.
  • Be clear in describing what the problem is and try to be accurate in editing the default issue template. There is a bot which automatically assigns labels based on issue's title and body format. Labels help keeping the issues properly organized and searchable (by OS, issue type, etc.).
  • When reporting a malfunction, consider enabling debug mode first.
  • To report a security vulnerability, use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and the disclosure of the reported problem.

Pull Requests

  • The PR system is for fixing bugs or make enhancements related to the program code.
  • If you wish to implement a new feature or add support for a new platform it's better to discuss it first, either on the issue tracker, the forum or via private email.
  • In order to get acquainted with the code base and tooling, take a look at the Development Guide.
  • If you can, remember to update HISTORY.rst and CREDITS file.