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...also refactor it a bit and add install instructions for Alpine Linux

Signed-off-by: Giampaolo Rodola <>
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Install psutil

Linux, Windows, macOS (wheels)

Pre-compiled wheels are distributed for these platforms, so you won't have to install a C compiler. All you have to do is:

pip install psutil

If wheels are not available for your platform or architecture, or you wish to build & install psutil from sources, keep reading.

Linux (build)

Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get install gcc python3-dev
pip install --no-binary :all: psutil

RedHat / CentOS:

sudo yum install gcc python3-devel
pip install --no-binary :all: psutil


sudo apk add gcc python3-dev
pip install --no-binary :all: psutil

Windows (build)

In order to install psutil from sources on Windows you need Visual Studio (MinGW is not supported). Here's a couple of guides describing how to do it: link and link. Once VS is installed do:

pip install --no-binary :all: psutil

macOS (build)

Install Xcode then run:

pip install --no-binary :all: psutil


pkg install python3 gcc
python3 -m pip install psutil


export PKG_PATH=`uname -r`/packages/`uname -m`/
pkg_add -v python gcc
pip install psutil


export PKG_PATH="`uname -m`/`uname -r`/All"
pkg_add -v pkgin
pkgin install python3 gcc
pip install psutil

Sun Solaris

If cc compiler is not installed create a symbolic link to gcc:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc /usr/local/bin/cc


pkg install gcc
pip install psutil


Install pip

Pip is shipped by default with Python 2.7.9+ and 3.4+. If you don't have pip you can install with wget:

wget -O - | python3

...or with curl:

python3 < <(curl -s

On Windows, download pip, open cmd.exe and install it with:


"pip not found"

Sometimes pip is installed but it's not available in your PATH ("pip command not found" or similar). Try this:

python3 -m pip install psutil

Permission errors (UNIX)

If you want to install psutil system-wide and you bump into permission errors either run as root user or prepend sudo:

sudo pip install psutil