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[Windows] Can't set high process I/O priority + provide IO constants #1476

giampaolo opened this issue Apr 4, 2019 · 0 comments


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giampaolo commented Apr 4, 2019

It only accepts 0, 1 and 2 as valid values, meaning very low, low and normal priority respectively, but we also have 4 (high) which currently cannot be set (raises ValueError). Also, it makes sense to expose these 4 numbers as module constants so that we won't have to pass plain integers.

@giampaolo giampaolo added the bug label Apr 4, 2019
@giampaolo giampaolo self-assigned this Apr 4, 2019
@giampaolo giampaolo changed the title [Windows] Can't set high process I/O priorities [Windows] Can't set high process I/O priorities + provide IO constants Apr 4, 2019
@giampaolo giampaolo changed the title [Windows] Can't set high process I/O priorities + provide IO constants [Windows] Can't set high process I/O priority + provide IO constants Apr 4, 2019
nlevitt added a commit to nlevitt/psutil that referenced this issue Apr 9, 2019
* origin/master: (150 commits)
  Linux / CPU freq, fixes giampaolo#1481
  improve script
  reuse script in psutil.test()
  move get_terminal_size() in
  improve script
  improve script
  move bytes2human() into psutil._common and reused it from scripts dir
  fix windows failure re. py 2 vs. 3
  fix linux tests
  fix giampaolo#1474: fix formatting of psutil.tests() which mimicks 'ps aux' output
  give CREDITS for giampaolo#1480
  remove outdated tests
  Fix read access violation in psutil.cpu_count(logical=False) (giampaolo#1480)
  update doc
  update doc
  [Win] Process IO priority constants + high priority (giampaolo#1479 / giampaolo#1476)
  don't fail if there are not prev failed tests
  fix giampaolo#1478: add make command to re-run tests failed on last run
  [Win] return value is not properly handled for undocumented NT* Windows APIs. (giampaolo#1477)
  fix error on py 2.7 where OSError doesn't always have winerror attribute
  update HISTORY for giampaolo#1475
  properly check OSError.winerror
  refactor ionice() on Linux
  refactor ionice() on Linux
  ionice test refactoring
  giampaolo#1404: fix regression not returning CPUs > 9
  give CREDITS to Daniel Beer for giampaolo#1471
  Fix spurious exception when iterating processes on Solaris (giampaolo#1471)
  give CREDITS for giampaolo#1470
  Fix corner case when /etc/mtab doesn't exist and procfs=/proc (giampaolo#1470)
  update DEVNOTES
  Typo fixed (giampaolo#1469)
  giampaolo#1458: implement colors on Windows
  update HISTORY / CREDITS, fix some C warnings
  Make uptime type consitent to fix boot time error. (giampaolo#1225)
  fix giampaolo#1463: script is broken
  update issue template
  issue giampaolo#1404 / linux / phys CPUs count
  Big docfix (giampaolo#1464)
  Big docfix (giampaolo#1464)
  Make tests invariant to LANG setting (giampaolo#1462)
  test runner: show errors on KeyboardInterrupt
  test runner refactoring (avoid code duplication)
  Coloured tests (giampaolo#1459)
  [Windows] calculate USS memory by using NtQueryVirtualMemory (giampaolo#1453)
  fix version highlighting in docs/index (giampaolo#1455)
  fix version highlighting in README (giampaolo#1454)
  run win specific tests twice as fast
  test refactoring
  test: avoid failing at import time
  mention how to run tests in INSTALL guide
  giampaolo#1448: fix Wine support due to missing rtlIpv6AddressToStringA
  update HISTORY
  Fix giampaolo#1329: [AIX] disable some functions based on availability in libperfstat (giampaolo#1349)
  bump up version, fix some doc issues
  fix ResourceWarning
  fix giampaolo#1447: we weren't use @wrap_exceptions around oneshot() (doh\!)
  update doc + change git hook location
  update doc
  make pre-release checks/install src dist in a venv
  add new make command to check tar.gz sanity
  move doc; rephrase it a bit
  add issue templates for 'bug' and 'enhancement' types
  remove issue template commited by accident
  Update issue templates
  giampaolo#1291: (BACKWARD-INCOMPATIBLE) remove memory_maps() on OSX
  Restore Win-7 support on GIT master (5.5.1 was OK) (giampaolo#1446)
  try to fix ntext.h
  restore previous def
  fix compiler warning
  fix compiler warning
  fix compiler warning
  fix compiler warning
  take defs from PH
  set proper  SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION struct from PH
  fix compilation warnings
  giampaolo#1398 / win / cmdline: call NtQueryInformationProcess twice, the first time to get the right buf size (ProcessHacker does this)
  update doc
  better print formatting for print scripts
  fix giampaolo#1442: use python3 as Makefile default
  appveyor: run print scripts after tests
  highlight top 6 slowest calls
  add printerr() and exit() to shared utils module
  add arg parser for ad script
  introduce a new private module shared by all internal utils + refactor script
  giampaolo#1291 / OSX: mark memory_maps() as deprecated and make it alwats raise AccessDenied
  OSX memory_maps() - add error handling
  add script for to benchmark API calls
  move access_denied script
  _assert_alive() refactor (linux)
  fix NetBSD: Process.connections() may return incomplete results if using oneshot() giampaolo#1439
  add win tests related to send_signal(CTRL_C_EVENT) giampaolo#1227
  fix win test
  fix win tests
  fix backslash warnings
  refactor README a bit
  #fix 1438: do not return any parent() for PID 0 + update doc
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