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shopmay is a sort of ecommerce made of a bunch of services written using different languages. I wrote it as codebase for an "Observability workshop". So the idea is to learn about how to instrument applications because as every developer know it is hard to understand what is going on in production.

Getting Started

docker network create gaworkshop
docker-compose up frontend

Started all the services involved, you can point your browser to http://localhost:3000 to see a fancy UI. It is a single-page ecommerce. You can see the list of items available, if there is a discount and you can populare and buy a carts.

Per Service zoom

The overall architecture looks like this one. The frontend serves an HTTP application that uses Jquery as JS Framework. It also serves a set of JSON API. Those APIs are a proxy to the other services part of shopmany.

  • Item
  • Discount
  • Pay
|                  |
|   Frontend/UI    |
|                  |
+--------v---------+         +-------------------+
|                  |         |                   |
|   Frontend/Proxy +--------->   Item            |
|                  |         |                   |
+--------+---------+         +-------------------+
         |                   +-------------------+
         |                   |                   |
         +------------------->   Discount        |
         |                   |                   |
         |                   +-------------------+
         |                   +-------------------+
         |                   |                   |
         +------------------->   Pay             |
                             |                   |

This chapter is a per service zoom on the architecture


It is a service contained in the subdirectory ./items. It is written in PHP using Expressive 3 as framework. It contains and manage the items that you can buy from shopmany. MySQL is used as db.

In order to run it you can use docker-compose:

docker-compose up item

Just curl the main entrypoint and you should see a list of items in JS : (it takes a couple of seconds to work because it loads data and it configures mySQL)

$ curl http://localhost:3001/item
{"items":[{"id":0,"name":"Octo Cup","description":"The open cup movement is here. Join us.","price":12.99},{"id":1,"name":"Kubernetes Spinner","description":"Wait for a rolling update to go but with style.","price":6.5},{"id":2,"name":"Prometheus Socks","description":"A modern way to monitor \u0027smells like feet\u0027","price":4.1},{"id":3,"name":"Google G - Short Sleeve","description":"The best way to make your lovely baby the smarter search engine ever.","price":18.23}]}


Discount uses mongodn as backend and it is an application in NodeJS capable of giving back the discount % that should be applied to a specific item.

docker-compose up discount

Check it out

$ curl http://localhost:3003/discount?itemid=1


Pay is a java service that manages the purchase of a set of items from a specific customer. It uses SpringBoot as framework and MySQL as backend (probably).

docker-compose up pay

Check it out

$ curl http://localhost:3002/pays


Frontend is an HTMP/CSS/JS application serviced by a Go HTTP Server. The Go HTTP Server is also used as API to serve proxied content from the other microservices like pay, item, and discount.

docker-compose up frontend

Check it out http://localhost:3000 using your browser

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