Interactive cartography for Java
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Interactive cartography for Java


Atlas is a Java library dedicated to rendering interactive geographic maps.

Example world map

It is built on top of 2 important technologies:

  • JXMapViewer2, a brilliant library providing the actual rendering component and the interaction-event handlers

  • OpenStreetMap, a well-known and very effective open standard for maps

Each of the above technologies respectively represents a focus point for Atlas:

  • Enhanced rendering was inspired by one of JXMapViewer2 examples and actually provides a simplified way to add Swing components to the map at arbirary GeoPositions. In particular, PinLayer, Pin and PinDrawing - and their subtypes - constitute a simple but effective API

  • OpenStreetMap standards are employed in a dedicated package. In particular, its zoom level convention (0 = whole world) is supported in the OpenStreetMapViewer component and its ancillary classes (OpenStreetMapTileFactory and OpenStreetMapTileFactoryInfo). As an important licensing issue, this interactive map also shows an HTML-based attribution label, for compliance with the license of different tile providers.

For further details, please refer to the Javadoc documentation.


Java 8u144 or later is recommended to employ the library.

Referencing the library

Atlas is available on Hephaestus and can be declared as a Gradle or Maven dependency; please refer to its dedicated page.

Alternatively, you could download the JAR file from Hephaestus and manually add it to your project structure.

OpenStreetMap license

For detailed information about employing OpenStreetMap in your application, please consult its copyright page. OpenStreetMap is © OpenStreetMap contributors.

Further references