ScalaFX app for the Bin Packing Problem
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ScalaFX app for the Bin Packing Problem


BppGame is a ScalaFX application enabling users to interactively solve bin-packing problems (BPP); it is extensively based on TwoBinKernel, a library provided by the TwoBinPack suite.

Game window


BppGame requires Java 8 update 101 or later compatible version.

Download and run

  • The easier, suggested way to execute the app is via MoonDeploy: just go to the download area and open App.moondeploy to automatically download and execute the application.

  • Alternatively, the latest binary package can be downloaded from GitHub: the executable script - for both Unix and Windows - is in the bin subdirectory.

In case of problems while starting up the application, please check your Java version and your JAVA_HOME environment variable: starting the program from the command line should also print out a detailed error description.


BppGame is designed to be user-friendly and very intuitive; however, in case of doubts, please have a look at its wiki.


Main window

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