Software Development Kit for TwoBinManager
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TwoBinManager - SDK

Software Development Kit for TwoBinManager


TwoBinManager - SDK includes interfaces and utilities for extending TwoBinManager.

In particular, one can create new:

  • analytics providers, by implementing AnalyticsProvider

  • generators, by implementing ProblemGenerator

  • importers, by implementing Importer

In addition to plugin-related traits, the library includes TwoBinManagerServer, a lightweight class wrapping network communication with TwoBinManager's internal server (introduced in version 3.0)

For further information, please consult the Scaladoc documentation.


Scala 2.11.8 or later and Java 8u101 or later are recommended to employ the library.

Referencing the library

The library is available on Hephaestus and can be declared as a Gradle or Maven dependency; please refer to its dedicated page.

Alternatively, you could download the JAR file from Hephaestus and manually add it to your project structure.

Finally, the library is also a standard OSGi bundle which you can employ in your OSGi architectures! ^__^

Further references