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Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer (from Windows)
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AVR Powered Amiga Floppy Disk Reader and Writer

Created by Robert Smith @RobSmithDev POSIX compatibility by Gianluca Renzi

What is it?

The original project uses an Arduino to interface with a floppy disk drive and communicate with a PC in order to recover the data from Amiga formatted AmigaDOS disks. It also allows you to write a backed up ADF file back onto a floppy disk! The portable build is on the way! Now it works on Linux.


This Visual Studio 2017 project contains two applications, a command line, and a Windows dialog based application It will be replaced by the Qt version as soon as the POSIX compatibility layer proves to be usable.

FloppyDriverController.sketch (not used in this project)

This is the Arduino source code/sketch

AVR Firmware

In my project I am using the AVR based hardware (not Arduino!) so jump to [] where I ported the code and the hardware stuff.

Help and Instructions


Whats changed?

V1.0 Initial release


This entire project is available under the GNU General Public License v3 licence. See licence.txt for more details.

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