A convolutional neural network for graph classification in PyTorch
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Kernel Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

Code for the paper Kernel Graph Convolutional Neural Networks.


Code is written in Python 3.6 and requires:

  • PyTorch 0.3
  • NetworkX 1.11
  • igraph 0.7
  • scikit-learn 0.18


Use the following link to download datasets:


Extract the datasets into the datasets folder.

Run the model

First, specify the dataset and the hyperparameters in the main.py file. Then, use the following command:

$ python main.py


Please cite our paper if you use this code:

  title={Kernel Graph Convolutional Neural Networks},
  author={Nikolentzos, Giannis and Meladianos, Polykarpos and Tixier, Antoine Jean-Pierre and Skianis, Konstantinos and Vazirgiannis, Michalis},
  booktitle={International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks},

Provided for academic use only