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A USB smartcard driver including GSM SIM and EMV credit/debit card development platforms
C Python
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ccid-utils - USB smartcard/RFID driver and development platform

Copyright (c) 2008 Gianni Tedesco


ccid-utils is a USB smartcard driver and development platform. The driver follows a simple synchronous design which supports multiple slots but only one transaction at a time and includes a python interface. It also includes a commandline smartcard shell with a searchable history. The shell, written in python, offers many useful features for developing with smart-cards as well as for reverse engineering APDU formats. The package also includes tools for reading data from GSM SIM cards and EMV credit/debit cards. The SIM tool is very basic but allows reading SMS messages from a SIM. An example EMV (credit/debit) card tool is included which is boilerplate code for utilizing the EMV C API. A graphical interface for reading EMV cards is also provided.

If you like and use this software then press to donate towards its development progress and email me to say what features you would like added.

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