Giant Swarm

Simple Microservice Infrastructure, built for developers.

Pinned repositories

  1. aws-operator

    The aws-operator manages Kubernetes clusters running on AWS

    Go 59 14

  2. kvm-operator

    Handles Kubernetes clusters running on a Kubernetes cluster with workers and masters in KVMs on bare metal

    Go 31 7

  3. azure-operator

    Azure operator manages Kubernetes clusters running in Giantnetes on Azure

    Go 15 5

  4. operatorkit

    Package operatorkit implements an opinionated framework for developing Kubernetes operators.

    Go 104 7

  5. kubernetes-prometheus

    Kubernetes Setup for Prometheus and Grafana

    Smarty 498 244

  6. kubernetes-elastic-stack

    How to set up the Elastic stack on Kubernetes

    Shell 66 33